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Animate everything at once. Huge time saver in PowerPoint!
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Quick Animator Plugin for PowerPointAnimate everything at once. Huge time saver in PowerPoint!

Quick Animator for PowerPoint instantly sets the animation you want to everything at once. With a single click, the quick animator plugin will turn hours into seconds. Setting up animations in PowerPoint can be tedious time-consuming painful easy.

quickanimator plugin for powerpoint
Save Time
quickanimator plugin for powerpoint

Whether you are looking to add simple animations to your slide titles or you want everything to animate, Quick Animator will handle it. Choose an animation, choose a transition, set it to all slides or just 1 slide. Click Apply and you’re done.

Do you have a presentation overflowing with animations and it is just a mess? No problem. Quick Animator can clear out all the animations and transitions in your entire presentation instantly.

quickanimator plugin for powerpoint
  • Animate slide titles. All of them.
  • Animate a single slide or all slides.
  • Set animations to wait for a click or automatic.
  • Set a consistent, fast animation on all your slides.
  • Set a transition for all slides.
  • Remove all animations.
  • Remove all transitions.
  • No limit to the number of slides!
  • All with a single click!
PresentationPro | PowerPoint Plugin - Quick Animator
quickanimator plugin for powerpoint
What's Supported
Quick Animator supports the most commonly used animations and transitions.
Animations (47 variations)
  • Appear
  • Fade
  • Fly in (8 directions)
  • Split (2 directions)
  • Wipe (4 directions)
  • Shape - Box (2 directions)
  • Shape - Circle (2 directions)
  • Shape - Diamond (2 directions)
  • Shape - Plus (2 directions)
  • Random Bars (2 directions)
  • Basic Zoom
  • Zoom
  • Swivel
  • Disolve
  • Peek (4 directions)
  • Blinds (2 directions)
  • Checkerboard (2 directions)
  • Strips (8 directions)
  • Spiral
Transitions (46 variations)
  • Cut
  • Fade
  • Push (4 directions)
  • Wipe (4 directions)
  • Split (4 directions)
  • Random Bars (2 directions)
  • Shape - Box (2 directions)
  • Shape - Circle (2 directions)
  • Shape - Diamond (2 directions)
  • Shape - Plus (2 directions)
  • Cover (8 directions)
  • Uncover (8 directions)
  • Disolve
  • Checkerboard (2 directions)
  • Blinds (2 directions)
  • Clock
Apply animation to all slides
Apply animation to current slide only
Slide Title Only
Slide Content (everything but the title)
Start animations on click
Start animation automatically
Apply transition to all slides
Apply transition to current slide only
clear all animations
clear all transitions

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Animate everything at once. Huge time saver in PowerPoint!
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System Requirements
Microsoft Windows Supported product Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32bit & 64bit)
Microsoft Office Supported product Office® PowerPoint® 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 (32bit & 64bit)

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