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Easily insert more than 3000 editable vector maps at a single click!
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PowerPoint 2 Video ConverterEasily insert more than 3000 editable vector maps at a single click!
Easily insert and edit these maps in your PowerPoint slides. vMaps adds a new button to your PowerPoint* ribbon which gives you access to more than 3,000 vector drawn maps at a single click which can be edited, styled and animated as you need.
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Editable PowerPoint Maps

These maps are designed in PowerPoint, for PowerPoint users. Find the map you want quickly from a library of more than 250 countriesand over 3,000 USA county maps, then insert them directly into your slide.

  • Country, State and County maps
  • Selectable continents and countries in the World map
  • Edit, delete and add place names
  • Edit map colors, outlines, fills and effects
  • Animate place names and countries
  • Resize maps without loss of resolution

The sequence shown here demonstrates just a few of the infinite possibilities.

And because all of the maps are PowerPoint shapes, you can even animate them to appear in a certain sequence of make them appear on the click of other objects on your slides.

Easily Accessible

vMaps integrates within your PowerPoint ribbon so that your maps are a single click away. You don't need to search your PC for a presentation containing maps anymore.

vMaps 8 step process

Multiple Maps and Styles

Once you've clicked the Map button, an extensive range of maps with a wide variety of options are available at your finger tips.

  • More than 250 countried and over 3,000 USA counties. (full list)
  • Select by geography: Country, Continent, World
  • Insert country sub-areas eg. States for USA or Counties for Ireland
  • Paint styles from existing slide shapes
  • Fill maps with grid a theme based pattern
  • Insert 3D flag discs and fill maps with flags
  • Include labels for selected maps
  • Insert maps in to placeholders
vMaps example

Easy Selection

Once your map has been inserted into your slide, it's really easy to select one or more elements of your map.

All maps are named and sorted alphabetically so that you can use the PowerPoint Selection Pane* (seen here on the right) to select what you want.

You no longer have to struggle trying to select objects on your slide when they are overlapping or close to each other.

The selection pane allows you to:

  • Select a single object
  • Select multiple objects (with Ctrl key)
  • Hide and Show objects
  • See your selection on the slide
vMaps example

Auto Color Maps using Excel

vMaps supports Auto Color which provides you with a powerful productivity tool to automatically re-rolor your maps based on data you define in an Excel file.

Auto color supports two re-coloring modes:

  • RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values set in your Excel file
  • Data Scale - a data value is defined in your Excel file plus two colors representing the minimum and maximum values of your scale. vMaps Auto Color then calculates the color for you for each part of the map, based on your data.A semi-transparent elongated oval is created in PowerPoint

Using Auto Color, it's possible to set the color of more than 200 shapes in the World map in around 60 seconds, a taks that previously took hours to complete.

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Easily insert more than 3000 editable vector maps at a single click!
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  Professionally designed maps can quickly and easily be added to any PowerPoint slide. Access to thousands of editable vector shape maps from a single button in the ribbon.
Installs into PowerPoint ribbon no yes
Fully Editable Maps & Labels yes yes
Total number of countries 180 250+
USA county Level Maps 0 3,000+
Free Updates no yes
Auto Color (via Excel Data) no yes
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