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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills training guide for PowerPoint users

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PowerPoint 2 Video ConverterPresentation Skills training guide for PowerPoint users

A comprehensive presentation skills training program containing video with voice over and 540+ visual slides, with presenter notes, exercises and examples, and a printable workbook.

Learn how to create effective presentations!

  • Comprehensive 3-Part Video containing Slides with Voiceover
  • 3 editable powerpoint presentations are yours to keep
  • Free Visual Presentations eBook

What you will learn:

  • Setting Clear Objectives
  • Generating insights with mind mining
  • Creating an outline (or story)
  • Designing Visual Slides 
  • Creative ways to simplify complex ideas
  • Creating an engaging Opening
  • Factors for Confident Delivery including presenter and audience body language

The training program contains the following...

Detailed List of Modules

Part 1: Thinking and Structuring thoughts for a presentation.

  • Introduction to Minimal Approach
  • Setting a Clear Objective with 3 critical questions.
  • The insight mining process to create Leaders and Clarifiers for a clear presentation story.
  • Reducing time to create presentations with outline
  • Why Slide Design is important

Part 2:  Creative & Visual Slides

  • Why create Minimal Slides?
  • How to use pictures and visuals in the right way.
  • Using simple comparisons i.e. Analogy to make complex business ideas simple and memorable.
  • Rules to present Graphs and information to ensure credibility and audience attention.
  • Cutting the Clutter in Slide Layout.
  • Understanding the language of Colors.

Part 3: Confident Delivery

  • Creating an Engaging Opening.
  • Using Visualization to gain confidence.
  • 10 Hygiene factors
  • Handling questions
  • Classifying and understanding Audience body language
  • Understanding Presenter body language

Presentation Skills Training Slides



Presentation Skills Training Slides


Free Visual Presentations E-Book

From Text Based Slides to Powerful Diagrams in 3 easy steps.

It is proven that your audience understands better and retains your message longer when information is presented as visuals.

In this practical E-Book, Visual Presentations, we show you how to penetrate even the toughest minds with clear and effective diagrams. This is not a 'tips and tricks' book but a book that teaches you a system to convey your ideas powerfully using visuals the right way.

Presentation Skills Training Slides

Why Presentation Skills?

1. Time tested content for business presenters designed by the experts:

This training program has been used over and over again in training 100s of managers and trainers. It has been refined multiple times to ensure practicality, effectiveness and engagement

2. Multiple Exercises, Examples and Visuals:

Engage audiences of all types (Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic) every moment with insightful analogy, visual slides, exercises and examples at every step.

3. Easy Integration with your training content:

You can use this content for a variety of programs including train the trainer program, facilitation skills course, presentation skills program or advanced communication skills program for managers. 

Just 'cut-paste' the segment you would like to integrate with your training. It is ready with presenter notes. So you can run a presentation skills program very quickly.  Get appreciation from your audience for the insightful and practical training content.

4. Comprehensive coverage:

We understand that presentations are not just about the slides. The training program covers the entire process of presentation creation:

  • Setting Clear Objectives
  • Generating insights with mind mining
  • Creating an outline (or story)
  • Designing Visual Slides 
  • Creative ways to simplify complex ideas
  • Creating an engaging Opening
  • Factors for Confident Delivery including presenter and audience body language

5. Creative and Unique Topics:

More than anything else, this training program contains unique aspects like the process of mind mining to generate ideas, the process of using analogy to make complex ideas simple and  a matrix to understand body language. The creative topics and the practical step-by-step explanation ensures that your audience will derive value from your training. 

The options provided in the video guide to help you access the content are...

  • A thumbnail viewer that allows you to access any of the 541 slides in the program. So, you can review what you learnt quickly and easily.
  • A search function that lists down all the slides containing the keyword you enter. So, you can learn the related aspects of a particular topic to deepen your understanding.
  • Option to alter the viewing mode. You can choose to view the guide in full screen mode or in the player mode to suit your learning requirement.
  • Fast forward and Review buttons to help you skip to the topic you want to learn.
  • Option to go back to main menu at any point of time to give you complete flexibility in planning your sessions.

It is a self-learning program, that brings a visible difference to your business presentations.

Whether you make:

  • Sales Presentations to clients
  • Training presentations to your team
  • Performance updates to seniors or
  • Project updates to your colleagues.

This practical presentation skills training video will help you take your presentations to the next level. In this program, you'll learn a step-by-step process to create remarkable presentations that gets you results.

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Presentation Skills training guide for PowerPoint users
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