Learn to create circular 3D pyramid in PowerPoint using SmartArt. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful graphic for your business presentations.

The circular pyramid you’ll learn to create is:

You can use the graphic to represent 5 levels in an organization, 5 stages to reach the top etc. Let us see how to create the graphic step by step using SmartArt.

Step 1: Insert SmartArt
Go to Insert -> SmartArt -> Relationship -> Basic Target as shown below:

You will get the following result:

Click on the graphic and go to Text pane of SmartArt graphic. Press ‘Enter’ twice to get the ‘target diagram’ with 5 rings.

Click on the target graphic. Press ‘Ctrl +A’ to select all the elements of the graphic and Press ‘Ctrl + X’ to cut the elements. Delete the bounding box. Then press ‘Ctrl +V’ to paste the elements back on the slide:

Click on an empty portion of the slide to get out of the selection mode.  Use the cursor to select and delete the text boxes and connector lines.  Group all the concentric circles. You will get the following result:

Step 2: Give the circles a 3D perspective

Go to ‘3D format’ tab and add a depth of 25 pts.

Go to 3D rotation tab once again. Select each of the rings and increase the distance from the ground.  For example, we want to lift 4 rings off the ground. The centre circle will be 25 X 4 = 100 pts above the ground. The next one will be 75 pts above the ground. The next circle will be 50 pts and the next one 25 pts above the ground. The result will be as follows:

Remove the outline of all the rings. Go to 3D format tab and select ‘Soft round’ bevel preset for the top surface of all the rings:

Go to Material and select ‘Soft edge’ option to make the graphic shine from a different angle:

Change the color of the rings and place a glossy ball on top of the center ring. Add a shadow to the bottom most ring. Add relevant text and your diagram template is ready.