Discover a super easy way to create concentric circles using PowerPoint's SmartArt tool. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful diagram.

Usefulness of concentric circles in PowerPoint:
Concentric circles are extremely useful to create a whole range of business graphics. Whether it is target diagram, circular maze or ripple effect diagram – concentric circles form the base for a whole range of diagrams. In this article, you will learn to create concentric circles using SmartArt tool. Let us learn to create the graphic in a step by step way.

Start with a relevant graphic
The Stacked Venn is the closest to the result we want.So, go to Insert -> SmartArt -> Relationship -> Stacked Venn.
This is the graphic we will use to create concentric circles. The default option has 4 circles in the graphic. If you want to add more circles, you can go to text pane and press ‘Enter’ a couple of times,

Modify it to suit your requirement
The next step is to get this diagram out of the confines of SmartArt tool. Click anywhere on the graphic and press ‘Ctrl + A’. This selects all the elements of the graphic. Press ‘Ctrl +X’ to cut the elements selected. Now, you will be left with just the bounding box. Click on the box and delete it. Now, press ‘Ctrl +V’ to paste the elements you cut earlier. You will get an editable graphic as follows:

You can’t align the graphic yet. First you need to remove the hidden text boxes in the graphic. So, select all the elements, right click -> Group -> Ungroup the Stacked Venn diagram.

Click on the empty space in the slide to unselect the current selection. Now, move the cursor along the centre of the circles. This will help you select all the text boxes as shown below:

Delete all the text boxes selected. The next step is to align all the circles into concentric circles. For this, go to ‘Arrange’ tab in PowerPoint ribbon. Go to Align -> Align Middle:

This will create the following concentric circles in PowerPoint:
Applications of concentric circles in PowerPoint:
Here are some applications of concentric circles in PowerPoint. The diagram templates are taken from our ‘PresentationDiagrams’. Here are the examples:

Ripple effects created using concentric circles:

Impact of a strategic decision on various levels of management:

Variation of the Impact diagram with different type of design elements:

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