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G-Tools Advanced PowerPoint Toolbar

Get PowerPoint tools like Export to Outlook, Split Picture, Popup Creator and Magnifier and over 20 more, all in one Ribbon!

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G-Tools advanced PowerPoint Ribbon Add-inGet PowerPoint tools like Export to Outlook, Split Picture, Popup Creator and Magnifier and over 20 more, all in one Ribbon!
G-Tools is a powerful, easy to use new ribbon tab for PowerPoint. Work faster with dozens of useful tools brought right to your fingertips.
  • New features like Split Picture, Export to Outlook, Text to Outline and Magnifier
  • Dozens of PowerPoint features that are buried are now easy to access
  • Improved Features like Export, Save as picture and a custom color wheel
  • Compatible with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32bit & 64bit)
  • Magnifier
  • Export Select Slides
  • Export to Outlook
  • Split Picture
  • Popup Creator
  • Copy Shape Adjustments & Formatting
  • Custom Color Wheel & Color Palette
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G-Tools Ribbon in PowerPoint

G-Tools Advanced PowerPoint Ribbon

Get all of the following features in 1 incredible ribbon!

Shapes & Picture Tools

Same Size - Select multiple items in a PowerPoint slide and set them all to be the same size.
Same Position - Select multiple items in a PowerPoint slide and set them all to a central position.
Same Size & Position - Select multiple items in a PowerPoint slide and give all of them the same size and central position.
Stack - Select multiple items in a PowerPoint slide and put them in line in 4 possible directions.
Fill & Outline Colors - Use a quick color picker to set colors for a shape fill or shape outline faster.
Adjustment Painter - Copy and paste shape features and adjustments to one or more other shapes of the same type. (see it in action)
Shape Duplicator - Create multiple copies of a selected shape and evenly space them on a grid. (see it in action)
Fill Slide - Select an item in a slide and set it to fill the entire slide.
Split Picture - Select a picture and choose the number of rows and columns and a new slide is created with a grid of cropped copies that make up your original picture, split into a grid. You can also choose to include a preset animation to the grid. (see it in action)
Save as Picture - Similar to the save as picture built into PowerPoint but with 6 more image formats and the ability to choose an export size.
Magnifier - Select an area of a picture or the entire slide to magnify. Choose the default magnifying glass shape or use your own custom shape to magnify. You can even set the percentage of magnification to fit your needs. (see it in action)

Slide Features

Notes Export - Copy slide notes to text, Word or Excel.
Delete Notes - delete all slide notes from the presentation.

Export Slides

Export slides - Copy selected slides to a new PowerPoint presentation and keep their formatting.
Export to Outlook - Create an email with selected slides embedded into an email. (see it in action)
Delete Hidden slides - Delete all of the hidden slides in the entire presentation.
Export Size - Change the image resolution used when saving slides as images.

Popup Creator

Use the Popup creator to link a trigger action with a desired object to popup when you click it. When you run the slideshow, click on the object you set as the trigger to show and also hide the object you set as the popup. You can use any type of shape, text, groups, images, videos or smart art as both the trigger and the popup.
Use this feature to reveal hidden content such as the correct answer to a question or to display useful information about a complex image or chart when you don´t have room on your slide.
Give interaction to your users like never before.
NOTE: To use this feature, G-Tools ribbon must be installed on any PC that is used when presenting the presentation.
G-Tools Feature: Popup generator

Text Editing

Text to Outline - Select text to convert to a PowerPoint vector shape with an outline. Choose from the currently selected text or search through the entire presentation for text using a specified font. Once the text is converted to Vector shape, you can use all of the PowerPoint shape formatting that isn't available to normal text like 3D settings, shadows, lighting and fill styles. (see it in action)
Text to Title - Reset a selected text box to be the Slide Title placeholder.
Text to body - Reset a selected text box to be the slide Body placeholder.
Combine Text Boxes - Select multiple text boxes to combine into 1 single text box formatted as the first one selected.

Color Settings

Create Palette - Create a new color palette for PowerPoint by using an advanced color harmony wheel to set all of the available theme presets. Choose from 8 different color modes including 'Complementary, Analogous, Triadic, Split Complimentary, Square, Rectangle, Equidistant and Monochromatic. (see it in action)
Create Wheel - Create a custom color wheel to use when editing your presentation. Choose the number of arcs and circles in your color wheel and customize it to fit your needs. (see it in action)
Insert Color Data - add RGB, HSL and HTML/Hex color codes to selected items in your slides.
Global Theme Colors - Create custom palettes and then share them with any other theme-aware office application like Word and Excel.
G-Tools Feature: Color Wheel

And More!

Resize Window - Set the width and height of the PowerPoint window to a pre-defined standard video size. This makes capturing video from PowerPoint easy for things like quick tutorials.
Add Shape to Group - Select a group and then select the object you want to add to the group. With this feature, you can add new items to a group without loosing all of the formatting, animations and layering set to it. (see it in action)
Set Chart Text Color - Changing the text shown in a chart was a difficult task in PowerPoint until now! Select a chart in 1 slide or choose to apply color settings to all of the charts in your entire presentation.

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Get PowerPoint tools like Export to Outlook, Split Picture, Popup Creator and Magnifier and over 20 more, all in one Ribbon!
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  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • available for immediate download after purchase
  • Live phone, chat & email support included
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