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Circlify for PowerPoint

Posted on October 30, 2012

Circlify for PowerPoint is a product born out of necessity. The constant need to equally space objects in a circle to show flow, cycle or process for our custom designed presentations brought about the creation of this tool. There was a need for an authoring tool that gave the designer the option to pick any PowerPoint shape or their own custom shape or image and arrange them around in a circular pattern. And I know what you're saying, "Hey PowerPoint has a SmartArt option for creating circular illustrations. So why would I need this?" To put it simply, TIME. If you are the creative type and like to go beyond the basic shapes offered by smart art you would likely be aware of how time consuming it can be to edit the basic shapes provided. Even if you aren't that creative, circlify gives you an easy to use tool that helps you to easily appear to be. All while saving time. 

See demo and features after break.

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PowerPoint 2013: Create consistent color schemes with the Eyedropper

Posted on October 22, 2012

Creating a consistent color scheme has been one of the more difficult things to do in PowerPoint. With PowerPoint 2013 around the corner, things are going to be getting a little easier.

Using a consistent visual color scheme is one of the best ways to build a professional-looking presentation. Having a color scheme for you presentation allows you to create a visual unity for the content on the slide. Anyone familiar with Photoshop, Fireworks, or any other graphics editing application can tell you the benefits of the eyedropper. The eyedropper makes it easy to take a color from one object and use it in another. Whether your picking a color inside or outside of PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2013 makes it easier to create a visually stunning presentation.

Read more to see how

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717 New Designs added today

Posted on October 17, 2012

PowerDESIGNS provides the very best quality and quantity of professional designs for PowerPoint. What’s even better...PowerDESIGNS keeps your presentations fresh and up-to-date with unlimited online access to FREE content updates for a full year.

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New Movie Clips collection for PowerPoint

Posted on October 09, 2012

Real Video Footage in PowerPoint! Use stunning movie clips to bring your PowerPoint presentations to life!
210 Movie Clips! Captivate your audience and blow them away with eye catching movies in your next presentation.
Browse videos

About Movie Clips
  • Easy to use & optimized for PowerPoint 
  • WMV videos will play in ANY version of PowerPoint
  • Royalty free
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Immediate download
  • Available for $25 each! browse videos
  • Buy the ENTIRE collection $149 only $99! click here

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