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Perspector Features Table:

Perspector 4.2.2
PowerPoint integration
Perspector is an add-in that works inside PowerPoint. It gives you immediate access to 3D effects in your presentations.
No viewer needed
Images created with Perspector can be seen without Perspector.
3D lists
Transform existing Perspector plain text bullet-point lists into 3D lists, or create new lists directly.
See the available list styles.
Ready-to-use 3D images
The Perspector Library provides many useful 3D business images. More images are being added all the time.
See images in the library.
Create your own diagrams
Over 100 built-in shapes can easily be used to express your ideas.



Ready-to-use 3D diagrams for PowerPoint
The Perspector Library provides many useful 3D business images. See the library images.


International text
Perspector supports using non-English text.

3D list images
The Perspector Library includes a selection of 3D list styles. See the list styles in the library.

Curved text
Text can wrap around curved shapes.




Easy to edit
Editing with Perspector has been designed for PowerPoint users, so many features are familiar.


Presentation scheme colors
The colors of a presentation scheme can be used for shapes.

Shape handles
Extends PowerPoint?s easy-to-use shape handles into 3 dimensions.


Transparent shapes
See through transparent shapes to the slide beneath them.

Rotation tool
Easily rotate shapes by dragging them.


Wrap pictures around shapes

Drawing toolbar (shape formatting)
Quick access to shape formatting such as fill color, line color, line width.


Shapes can be set from 0% to 100% shiny, and can use a specular color different from their fill color.

Format painter
Quickly and easily copy shape properties.


Multiple lights available from different directions. Controllable ambient light level.

Distribute colors
Distribute a range of colors over multiple shapes. For example, set shape colors according to their vertical position.


Resolution control
Adjustable image resolution allows very high quality images.

Customizable tear-off menus and toolbars
Create your own toolbars for quick access to commands you use frequently.


Drawing toolbar (shape commands)
Gives access to common commands such as insert shape, align, distribute, flip and rotate.


Group and ungroup shapes




List conversion
Convert PowerPoint bullet lists into a choice of 3D lists.


Side views
Available during editing to help position shapes in 3D.

Modifiable list styles
Lists properties are accessible via a Format List dialog box.


Full camera movement
View images from any direction.

Expandable lists
Create and delete list items when editing lists as you would do in PowerPoint.


Easy list editing
Move up and down list items using the cursor keys.


Automatic list colors
By default, lists use the color scheme of your presentation. If the color of an end of a list is changed, a range of colors is applied to the list.


Create new list styles
Create new list styles from existing shapes, using a powerful set of list properties.



Integrated task-based help answers many how-to questions.

User guides
PowerPoint presentations that provide an overview of how to use Perspector.

Short videos illustrate many of the basic actions such as rotating a shape.

Website links
The website contains answers to frequently asked questions and a whole section on getting the most out of Perspector.


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sysSystem Requirements
system requirements

Windows: XP(Service Pack 2)/2003/Vista
PowerPoint: 2000/2002/2003/2007

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